An open single-center, prospective sample collection study on a healthy population.

October 13, 2015 - News story

Scandinavian CRO (SCRO) conducted a study of 400 healthy volunteers, male and female between 18 and 75 years old, during the spring 2015. The aim was to find reference values for healthy individuals for a diagnostic test.

SCRO set up a site with staff who were familiar to take blood samples and were trained to run the samples in the analysis machine. The subjects filled in a questionnaire and blood samples were obtained by direct venous puncture, three tubes (à 5.0 mL) of whole blood were to be collected.

Data were processed with statistical methods to find reference limits by gender and age. These should now be used to quickly and easily diagnose sick people who come to the health care system.

Recruitment time was an important factor for our customer, and they were very happy that we just in eight weeks reached the goal of the planned number of subjects.

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