Contract placement

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We have gathered some of the most experienced professionals in the business.

Situations can arise in which you want to have a clinical trial carried out, but do not have the appropriate personnel available. You are then welcome to use one of our consultants. Our consultants have worked in all possible - and some impossible! - therapeutic areas and have thereby acquired a large body of knowledge of the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries.

At Scandinavian CRO, we have scientists and administrators with many years’ experience in phase I to IV clinical trials in a range of different areas, for example pharmaceuticals and other medical products, as well as biotechnology and ”Functional Food”. Our contacts range from global pharmaceutical companies to individual academic investigators and experts.

Being a consultant involves so much! A consultant sometimes needs to have “a foot in three camps” to maintain a positive balance between the sponsor, the investigator, and his or her employer. We understand that it can be just as important to fit in as a member of the team as it is to learn a protocol or data system.  

All our employees have fluent spoken and written English, as well as at least one Nordic language.  

It all begins with a conversation. Contact us.

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