Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Someone to take care of quality assurance.

Do you need to ensure safety and quality assurance? Should you get a Clinical Research Associate?

A Clinical Research Associate has one of the most important roles in the study. Through careful monitoring, all the clinical work is quality assured so that the results are reliable and will be approved by the authorities. It is, of course, the results that count! The CRA acts as a problem solver, the face of the sponsor, and the right hand of the clinic involved. The CRA prepares the clinic for the start of the study by training the study team in the protocol and ensuring that all materials and approvals are in place. During the study, the CRA works in collaboration with the clinic to ensure that the study is carried out in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. For the CRA, it is just as important to motivate the study team to perform to the best of their abilities as it is to ensure that the protocol is followed precisely.

All Clinical Research Associate at Scandinavian CRO have a science degree and long experience from many different therapeutic areas and in all phases of both drug and medical device trials.

A skilful CRA gives the whole study extra value!

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