Organisation - Management and Board



CEO Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa - holds a Master of Science in molecular biology as well as a postgraduate qualification in “Clinical Drug Development” from Uppsala University. Ulrika has worked in the CRO business since 2001 and has experience from positions such as CRA Manager, Clinical Project Leader and Country Manager. Ulrika Hammarstrom Lüllmaa holds the position of CEO at SCRO


Biostatistics and Data Management Manager Catarina Jansson Blixt - Responsible for the biostatistics and data management activities in all in-house projects. Acting study biostatistician and as such involved in for example the development of study protocols, SAPs (Statistical Analysis Plans) and clinical study reports.

Catarina has 25 years of experience in Clinical trials. She started her career at Medical Products Agency where her main duties consisted of reviewing phase II-IV study protocols and to act as a discussing partner for the industry and Investigators in statistical issues. In 2001 she was hired to build the new Nordic Biometrics department at Pfizer AB and during her seven years she successfully held responsibility for the biostatistics activities in all clinical trials within the Nordic countries.


Clinical Operation Manager, Marie Wiklander - responsible for the clinical trial management services and resourses.

Marie has more than 25 years of experience in Pharmaceutical Development in various companies/authority and positions of which 14 years of experience in clinical trials in different therapeutic areas. She has been in various positions at both R&D sites (Pharmacia and Q-Med/Galderma) and CRO (Quintiles). These positions included e.g. global study program management, protocol development, coordination of study teams, negotiation/cooperation with CRO, monitoring and handling of study documentation, applications.

The past 13 years Marie has been in management positions, Clinical Operation Manager at Q-Med, Manager at Quality Assurance Department at Q-Med and her latest position was Head of Section at Regulatory Administration (New application) at the Medical Products Agency.



Ingrid Steringer - former director at Pfizer, is now joining the board of SCRO. After thirteen years at Pfizer and twenty years at Pharmacia, both in Stockholm and Uppsala, and with experience of clinical trials in Sweden as well as the other Nordic countries and the Baltic countries.


Jens Mattsson - is a trained economist with a background in banking and insurance. He has worked at SEB for 10 years and held positions such as asset manager as well as various other management positions. Currently Jens acts as economic adviser to the former owners of Radi Medical. He sits on a number of boards one of which is AprioMed.


Thomas Lüllmaa - partner and CEO of Riksmäklaren, a family business in Uppsala with a 35-year history. In addition, Thomas is a partner in several real estate companies and a member of several boards in the property management and clothing industries.


Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa - see above.


We are pleased to have close collaboration with Bertil Karlmark, Senior Medical Adviser

Dr Bertil Karlmark, MD, PhD is an Associate Professor and Principal Teacher in Clinical Drug Development at Uppsala University. Dr Karlmark has more than 30 years' experience of clinical trials from various positions at large and small pharmaceutical companies. He is an expert in methodology for clinical trials. His clinical background is in anaesthesiology, intensive care and clinical physiology. Dr Karlmark has held positions as Medical Director at Pharmacia and Kabi and he has been a visiting Professor at Yale University, New Haven, USA. In 2011Bertil was awarded an annual scholarship by the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, section Clinical Trials.