Meet our employees

Eva Taliveer Hedin and Monica Axelsson have both been working at SCRO for almost ten years. When they started at SCRO, the company had been around for about a year. Then they put five people into a small office with two small rooms in central Uppsala.

– A lot has happened since then, but it’s also been a lot of fun. The SCRO spirit is the same today as ten years ago, says Monica.

Eva agrees.

– Yes, we still have fun together. We have always helped each other a lot here at SCRO. If there is something that someone cannot do or doesn’t know how to, then they just ask around. We have a very open working atmosphere and we really care about each other.

The company now has just over 25 employees. The majority are women, but both Eva and Monica would like to see more men in the company. They both work as senior CRAs. Eva has a background as a nurse and Monica is a pharmacist.

– The industry has changed over the years. In the beginning, we were mostly hired out and located at the customer’s offices. Today, we work much more in-house, says Monica.

They both appreciate that a lot is happening, both in the industry and in the company.

– It’s fun to take part in this journey. We work together towards new goals all the time. And even though we are constantly growing, we have managed to maintain the pleasant working atmosphere that we associate with a small company, says Eva.