MOOSE - our project culture

”As a customer, I want to know that my assignment is carried out efficiently and that what is delivered is of good quality and according to agreed budget and timetable.”

For us as a company, this means that we have created a simple and clear Project Model that will support us in running projects efficiently for our customers. We call it MOOSE®.

MOOSE® stands for Modern, Ongoing, Optimal, Structured and Efficient. It is a simple and well-structured model with four phases, each with defined activities and clear phase transitions.

But MOOSE is bigger than just a project management tool. MOOSE represents our entire project culture, which has a strong foundation in our value base. This project culture covers the entire company’s way of working together with our customers on projects and studies (including support functions such as economy). We have therefore defined a number of overall business processes that are important in supporting each phase as well as phase transitions.

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