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Where are you going? You may have a short route to go from where you are to your destination, or a longer one. It may be a very straightforward journey or one full of uncertainties. The required support will be quite different both regarding resources and qualifications.

What do you need? You may require help to develop a clinical study protocol, translate draft ideas to words, or, help to supervise or monitor a clinical study. You may be in the process of setting the strategies for your clinical program by conducting a clinical evaluation. You may want to share your results with the scientific community in a publication. Or, you may merely want to get help to summarize your study in a CSR. Clearly, each individual journey needs a specific team to be successful. Depending on your needs, we will appoint the most appropriate people to provide support.  It may be that experience in medical device product development is critical. Or development of combination products. It could be drug development in general or specifically phase I, II, III or IV clinical trials or non-interventional studies (NIS). By working together we can find the best solution for you.

How can we help? The team at SCRO is experienced in a large range of areas. We have backgrounds as administrators, nurses, biologists, pharmacists; some of us have completed a Master of Science while others are PhD’s. We have worked in the pharma and medical device industry in a variety of departments, including research, clinical development, medical affairs, quality assurance and regulatory affairs. Some have experience from working at competent authorities. Besides our in-house skills, SCRO has an extensive network of external experts, enabling us to connect you with the specialist you need.


Clinical services

Do you agree that running a clinical project is more than controlling deliverables, budget and timelines? Our experience is that it is just as much about asking the right questions at the right time. Getting it right from the start. We at SCRO can help you with this and much more. This includes the classic tasks: submissions to ethical committees and regulatory authorities, feasibility and site selection, overall project leadership, and monitoring of all phases of drug and medical device trials. We can help you to secure results, quality and costs.

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