Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Do you need someone to take care of quality assurance in your clinical study, giving you confidence in the quality of your data? Someone who is dedicated to resolving data issues, and who brings clarity when needed. Someone who can motivate the study team when things get difficult?

A CRA from SCRO can bring you all of this. He/she not only has the scientific skills needed to secure data quality but also the social skills to pull off this critical mission.

A CRA from SCRO functions as the sponsor’s representative, acts as a problem solver and is the clinic’s right hand person.

A CRA from SCRO will ensure that all materials and approvals are in place before the study start.

A CRA from SCRO can prepare the clinic by training the study team on the protocol and will provide careful monitoring as the study is running. Together with the clinic he/she will ensure that the study is carried out in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.


A CRA from SCRO has a science degree and long experience from many different therapeutic areas and in all phases of both drug and medical device trials. Does this sound interesting? Please contact us to discuss your needs.