Clinical Project Manager (CPM)

Clinical Project Manager (CPM)

Do you need a person who can ensure that the objectives of your clinical study are met? A dedicated person who manages budget, training of personnel involved in the study, and ensures that deadlines are respected?

A CPM from SCRO is experienced in all the traditional aspects of managing a clinical study project. From protocol development and approval from authorities, to reporting.

A CPM from SCRO knows that issues do arise during the course of the project, and has developed his/her problem-solving skills to ensure that sponsors and study teams can find the optimal solution.

A CPM from SCRO has been trained in our internal project model MOOSE, ensuring that activities handled by SCRO are effectively executed with good quality.

A CPM from SCRO has a science degree and at least 5 years experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech or medical technology fields, or in the CRO industry. Does this sound interesting? Please contact us to discuss your needs.