You may be experienced in all the aspects of clinical trials, including design, protocol, site selection, monitoring, reporting, etc. You may have experienced the journey from concept or idea to publication, to regulatory submission, or to a change in daily medical practice, many, many times. Or you may not. Irrespective of which, we can help you reach your specific destination.

Considering the resources needed to conduct clinical trials it is critical to get it right from the start. You need to base strategic decisions for your clinical program on a thorough understanding of the surrounding landscape. The landscape is not only the regulatory requirements but also the market that you want to enter. You also need to consider the target audience that you want to accept your concept. Wherever you are heading, the goal will be solid and robust data that supports your concept.

At SCRO, we enjoy what we do and we are proud of what we achieve. So we truly believe that we can support you in your work. We can help you to get it right from the start and to ensure that all the relevant downstream activities are executed in a way that ensures regulatory compliance. We have experience in handling phase I to IV clinical trials and non-interventional studies (NIS) in compliance with GCP and the Clinical Trials Directive. We have successfully helped clients in a wide range of therapeutic areas: Cardiology, Oncology, Urology, CNS, Endocrinology, HIV, Gastroenterology, Anaesthesia, and many more.