Values close to our heart


A healthy company has a better chance to help others. It becomes particularly clear when dealing with what we do.

For us, joy is a key value in our internal culture, between managers and employees, in project groups and with all our employees. But it also characterises the relationship with our customers. To help increase the joy of the company, we work with personal development both purposefully and long-term. This is also reflected in how we combine our project groups. The key is sensitivity to diversity.

But put simply: we want working with us to be fun. Whether within the company, or externally. Our joy should include as many people as possible.


Pride is the best confirmation you can have of a job well done. It is also something that drives us. Not just as individual employees, but as a company.

This value relates to our entire existence. We help to advance research – locally, regionally and nationally. In the end, we hope to make the world a better place. Although this may sound grandiose, this drive is often expressed our business actions. For example, when we develop our customers’ products so that patients can receive better treatment.

Pride is noticeable on the inside. It affects us as fellow human beings, which becomes clear in our CSR work. By supporting TRIS (Girl’s Rights in Society), we help to improve the integration of young girls into society. This is important work and a source of pride.


The need to constantly be in motion is something that differentiates us from other companies. And it does not just represent a move from one location to another; it is also a fundamental value.

Agility is a value we include in everything we do. Perhaps because we are a young company. Perhaps because of the family atmosphere or the genuine entrepreneurial spirit. Perhaps it can be linked to the modern project culture that characterizes our entire way of working. But we know what this agility leads to: quick and natural adaptation to changes in the outside world.

As a result, we can achieve results even faster than others without having to reduce quality in the slightest. Whether it’s about implementing a new regulatory framework or solving a challenge to our customers, whatever it means.