Partnership with TRIS


Scandinavian CRO is a sponsor of TRIS (Tjejers rätt i samhället), a Swedish organization that supports girls’ rights in society. To do more to empower young girls, we have partnered with TRIS on an initiative called Ronjabollen.

What is Ronjabollen?

Ronjabollen (or “Ronja ball”), takes its name from the strong young woman who is the title character in Astrid Lindgren’s book “Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter”. Ronjabollen invites young girls, from communities in need, to be physically active during their leisure time and find a sports club.

For better well-being

During the training sessions, the girls develop socially and physically by engaging in the training exercises. In addition to physical training, the sessions provide a place to reflect on one’s thoughts and values, as well as working with mentors on other important aspects of personal development.

Honor-related norms and limitations often lead to absence from activities and limited opportunities for leisure and participation in society, which affects the present and future of young people.
Sevana Bergström
Marketing Manager at TRIS

Ronjabollen engages young girls in sports, aiming to increase participation and freedom of action for girls who usually do not have access to sports. These girls live with honor-related norms, limitations, and repression where they can’t hang out with whoever they want, dress how they want, or participate in recreational activities or community life.

Ronjabollen provides an opportunity to engage with the girls, and give them meaningful leisure time and opportunities that challenge their situation and way of thinking. The goal is to encourage inclusiveness, raise awareness of mental and physical well-being, and to give these girls an opening into the community and sports world.

My hope is that we can help create a valuable meeting place. To contribute and make a difference is important to us as a company, but also as individuals. This work is a great source of pride and joy.
Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa
CEO of Scandinavian CRO

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Find out how TRIS supports the rights of young girls in society through activities such as Ronjabollen, Läxhjälp, and more.