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SCRO is a leading full-service CRO. We provide expert support that enables you to succeed in your clinical studies. Our overall objective? Making sure the population’s healthcare level reaches with the needs of tomorrow.

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You might be a large pharmaceutical or medical device company who knows where you’re going and what you need to get there. Perhaps you are a healthcare professional, with an urge to improve patient care but lack the resources to test your idea. Or, you may be a small startup company, “lost in translation”, in need of CRO expertise.

Whoever you might be, let’s meet and discuss your clinical research together.

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You may be a large company requiring qualified people for specific clinical tasks. Or, you might be a small startup company who’s not quite clear about what your needs are, but you know that you need help. You could also be an investigator lacking the time needed to realize your idea for improved patient care. Whoever you are, we believe that our leading CRO services can address your needs.


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Happy clients


Happy clients


Happy clients

The SCRO way

The Scandinavian CRO way of working

The Scandinavian MOOSE

A moose is so much more than the impressive animal king of the forest. For us at Scandinavian CRO, MOOSE is our project culture. The background is simple: as a customer, you want to know that your assignment is carried out efficiently and that what you’ve ordered is delivered on time, according to budget, and with the right quality. That’s MOOSE, and it runs through everything SCRO does, in order to exceed both our customers’ and our employees’ expectations.

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Work at SCRO

Looking for a human CRO company with equal amounts of challenge and heart? Join the SCRO team in our beautiful facilities in Uppsala city.

Voices about Scandinavian CRO

Maria Jansson, who works as Clinical Operation Lead at Boehringer-Ingelheim, is responsible for their clinical research in Sweden. Maria hires staff from Scandinavian CRO to perform clinical studies.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Scandinavian CRO?

We started collaboration in 2015 on the recommendation of a colleague from another pharmaceutical company. This was a great success so we continued to engage SCRO.

Anders Forslund, associate professor and paediatrician at Uppsala University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden

What is your experience of the SCRO collaboration?

Very good! The staff at Scandinavian CRO are knowledgeable, accommodating and always available, and we get the help we need. We often have contact for long periods since pharmaceutical studies are prolonged processes and we can work together in all phases. It’s also good that SCRO is in town so we can meet occasionally.


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