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Hi, who are you and where are you going? You might be a large pharmaceutical or medical device company who knows where you’re going and what you need to get there. Or, you may be a small startup company, “lost in translation”. Or perhaps you are an academic researcher or healthcare professional, with an urge to improve patient care but lack the resources to test your idea.

Who we are? Scandinavian CRO is a clinical contract research organization (CRO) that helps pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies (primarily small-to-medium enterprises; SMEs) as well as academic researchers to design and conduct their clinical research – from carrying out clinical trials to developing an entire clinical program.

With a passion for what we do and a team with decades of experience, we can provide the expert support you need to be successful on your journey of translating a research idea to the clinic. From full-service to stand-alone services and outsourcing consultants, we provide custom and flexible solutions that meet your unique needs.

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Did you know that performing clinical studies is a highly regulated discipline?

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) follows the ICH guidelines on GCP, ICH E6. Regulations for clinical studies are also described in the EU directive 2005/28/EG. In addition, there is the “Clinical Trials Directive” 2001/20/EC, which is under revision and will be replaced in 2019 by regulation 536/2014. In other words, there is a lot to take into consideration and adapt to in order to be in compliance and to secure the rights and welfare of patients.

Medical device


Did you know that the European Commission has adopted regulations for medical device products (MD) and in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVD)?

These replace previous Directives. For us, working with clinical studies and clinical data, one important change is the reinforcement of the rules on clinical evidence. For in vitro diagnostics, there is also a new classification which will require a larger proportion of manufacturers to involve a Notified Body in order to place a CE mark on their products.

Our services


How can we help? You may be a large company requiring qualified people for specific tasks. Or, you might be a small startup company not quite clear about what your needs are, but you know that you need help. Or you may be an investigator lacking the time needed to realize your idea for improved patient care. Whoever you are, we believe that our services can address your needs.

Moose - Our project culture

Find out about MOOSE, our new project culture that supports us in running projects efficiently for our customers. The background is simple: as a customer, I want to know that my assignment is carried out efficiently. I want to be sure that what I’ve ordered is delivered on time, according to budget, and with the right quality. That’s MOOSE.

Voices about SCRO

Maria Jansson, who works as Clinical Operation Lead at Boehringer-Ingelheim, is responsible for their clinical research in Sweden. Maria hires staff from Scandinavian CRO to perform clinical studies.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Scandinavian CRO?
We started collaboration in 2015 on the recommendation of a colleague from another pharmaceutical company. This was a great success so we continued to engage SCRO.

What is your experience of the collaboration?
Only positive. They are clear, capable and responsive to our needs as a sponsor.

SCRO continues to train and educate their staff, which leads to a high level of knowledge. I feel that they care very much about their staff. The staff seem to enjoy working at SCRO and many stay for a long time, leading to continuity, stability and security, even for us as a sponsor.

How has the branch changed in recent years?
Healthcare is, of course, under a lot of pressure. Sweden has a good reputation for delivering quality, but there must be time to perform trials. Today, efforts are being made in many directions to increase opportunities for conducting clinical studies in Sweden. One example is the unit for National Coordination of Clinical Studies. The quality aspect of clinical studies is very important and this is something that Sweden is very good at.

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Maria Jansson, Clinical Operation Lead, Boehringer-Ingelheim

Anders Forslund, associate professor and paediatrician at Uppsala University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden

Why did you decide to collaborate with Scandinavian CRO?
We have been collaborating for quite some time, since 2012. It was easy to connect with SCRO and easy to work together with them so we continued. Collaborating on new studies is very worthwhile now that we know each other so well.

What is your experience of the collaboration?
Very good! The staff at SCRO are knowledgeable, accommodating and always available, and we get the help we need. We often have contact for long periods since pharmaceutical studies are prolonged processes and we can work together in all phases. It’s also good that SCRO is in town so we can meet occasionally. Physical meetings are important.

How has the branch changed in recent years?
It has changed a lot. Drug studies are very expensive. And that makes it difficult for us individual researchers to perform these studies. Today, many studies are financed by pharmaceutical companies. As scientists we, of course, want to get new knowledge. We are driven by learning more about how we can improve treatments for patients, find new patient groups that can get treatment, or to be able to use old drugs in new ways. Previously, we had projects funded by the EU. It was fun, instructive and enlightening, but also a challenge to harmonize between cultures from different countries. Today, we have a coordinated study within the Uppsala Örebro region. We have received funding from the Regional Research Council, but we are also seeking funding from other financiers. We will then study an old well-tested medication on obese children together with SCRO.

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Anders Forslund, associate professor and paediatrician, Uppsala University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden

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