Managing study sites

Site management

Proper site management is an essential factor in executing a clinical trial successfully. Site management is much more than simply monitoring a study site, it’s about developing a solid working relationship with the site through regular and consistent communication.

Site management

Trust and support

SCRO understands the central role that sites play in the outcome of a clinical study. We establish a trust-based relationship with each site, maintaining an appropriate level of oversight and supporting the study personnel throughout all phases of the clinical study. Because several of us started our healthcare careers as study nurses, we understand first-hand the daily pressures that study personnel face to balance clinical research with their routine clinical responsibilities. That’s why we strive to simplify their work when possible and to support them in any way we can.

  • Facilitation and review of enrollment
  • Regular communication with sites
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance and adherence to the clinical study protocol
  • Trial Master File (TMF) creation and maintenance

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