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Investigator sponsored studies

Are you a doctor in need of the right support to be able to start a clinical trial? Or a researcher hoping to translate your research idea into clinical practice? Let us support you on your journey.

Investigator sponsored studies can be conducted by a university, or may be initiated by doctors employed by local governments or working in private practice. The investigator is responsible for the entire clinical study, including: planning the study; writing the protocol, patient information, informed consent, and regulatory submissions; managing study documentation, data management and analysis; and ensuring that the study is conducted according to GCP and other applicable laws and regulations.

This long list of responsibilities can be daunting if it’s your first time running an investigator sponsored study, but rest assured, SCRO has the breadth of experience to help you expertly navigate today’s complex clinical development landscape. Whether you require help with regulatory submissions, planning and conducting the clinical study, or you need additional study personnel such as a research nurse, SCRO can help you bring your idea to the clinic where you can ultimately impact the health of future patients.

Investigator sponsored studies

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Let SCRO support you in translating your idea to the clinic where you can make an impact on patient health and the future of clinical care.

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