Clinical ops

Clinical operations

SCRO has experienced teams to plan, design and manage your clinical study from start to finish. Whether you need help with standalone services such as feasibilities studies, regulatory submissions, site management and monitoring, or all of the above, we have the expertise to set you up for success by getting it right from the start.

Clinical study start-up includes many milestones starting with feasibility and ending with the enrollment of the first subject, with several key study activities in-between.

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Conducting a feasibility study before a clinical trial is one of the keys to success that leads to the identification of the right sites for a successful study collaboration.

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Regulatory submissions are critical milestones during clinical study start-up, and the outcome has a substantial impact on the timelines and conduct of the entire study.

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Proper site management is an essential factor in executing a clinical trial successfully and we understand the central role that sites have on the outcome of a clinical study.

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Adequate monitoring of clinical trials is imperative and guarantees the subjects’ rights and welfare, data quality, and regulatory compliance.

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