CRA and medical monitors

Clinical monitoring

Adequate clinical monitoring of trials is imperative and guarantees the subjects’ rights and welfare, data quality, and regulatory compliance. SCRO has experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas and can offer fit-for-purpose monitoring services for all phases of clinical trials.

Clinical monitoring

A monitor’s pivotal role

At SCRO, we understand the importance of a strong collaboration between the study sites and our monitors, and the crucial impact it has on the progress and quality of the study. That’s why SCRO’s Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are dedicated to fostering a good working relationship with each site, motivating them every step of the way and supporting them in any way possible. CRAs play the pivotal role of training study personnel, performing on-site visits and remote monitoring, as well as reviewing patient enrollment, study documentation, data and more.

  • On-site monitoring visits including site initiation, routine monitoring visits, and close-out.
  • Risk-based monitoring
  • Monitoring plan
  • Source data verification
  • Query resolution
  • Drug accountability
  • Site training and support
  • Co-monitoring
  • Site management support and documentation

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