Investigator sponsored studies

Are you a doctor, i.e. an Investigator, who wants to start a clinical trial but needs some sort of help? We can provide a research nurse at your clinic, help with applications, and/or design the study according to your wishes. Whatever your needs, there are solutions.


An Investigator must have documented knowledge of the rules and regulations of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) to be authorised to carry out clinical trials on humans. If you or your staff require training in GCP, we have the resources to train you according to all the national and international laws and regulations.


Investigator Sponsored Studies can be conducted by university or local government-employed doctors, or by those in private practice. The Investigator is responsible for all of the processes throughout a trial, for example writing the protocol, making submissions to the authorities, managing documentation, and ensuring that the trial is conducted according to all the relevant laws and regulations. The Investigator is also responsible for any results published in periodicals.


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