1000 thoughts on personalised medicine

Recently, the Danish National Genome Center (DNGC) launched an interesting paper to explain why personalised medicine is a game changer and how it will improve global healthcare in the future. 


-an entire genome is sequenced and analyzed within a few days, with an accurate disease diagnosis by the end of the week. 

-global knowledge sharing is so common that even the rarest genetic diseases can be rapidly diagnosed. 

-you receive personalised cancer treatment compatible with the molecular signature of your tumor. 

-you can check an app on your phone to find out which medications are compatible with your genotype. 

-treatment failure, unnecessary treatments, and overmedication are uncommon since you can avoid drugs that are incompatible with your genetic signature.  

-earlier diagnosis, targeted treatment, and disease prevention contributes to a better health and quality of life for all. 

Read about the cutting-edge field of precision medicine and download the DNGC paper “1000 thoughts on personalised medicine” to learn more:


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