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The Scandinavian CRO employee survey measures how well the company delivers with regard to employee satisfaction. This survey measures several success indicators such as clear work objectives, development opportunities, support from the management, and whether the workplace environment is consistent with company values. Compared to the last survey (2017), employees gave Scandinavian CRO higher scores in all areas measured.

At the heart of Scandinavian CRO are the core values of joy, pride and agility. The results of the survey clearly showed that these core values are consistent with how the team interacts and how employees feel at work. High average ratings (≤ 8; on a scale from 1-10) demonstrate that employees at Scandinavian CRO thrive from the strong collaborative atmosphere, having work/life balance, and getting the support, feedback and development opportunities that they need when they need it.

At a follow-up workshop to discuss the survey results, employees commented on the critical factors to the team’s success: clear communication, agile decision-making, team spirit, and the company’s focus on investing in and listening to employees. These same factors likely contribute to Scandinavian CRO’s low employee turnover rate.

“Our success is rooted in our culture and our people”, says Ulrika Hammarström Lüllmaa, CEO. “Together, we have created a culture where the team is comfortable and supports each other. This benefits everyone, including our clients.”

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