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Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is an international quality standard for designing, conducting, and reporting clinical trials involving human subjects. GCP is the core of clinical research, since it assures that the integrity of the patients has been protected and that the clinical data are reliable.

If you need to learn the basics of GCP or you’re looking to refresh your GCP skills, check out these classroom and eLearning courses offered by Läkemedelsakademin.

Klinisk läkemedelsprövning – Grundkurs (classroom)

GCP och klinisk prövning – från studiestart till avslut (eLearning)

Do you already know GCP and you need a certificate to show it?

Take this GCP web test to get your GCP certificate.

Wherever you are in your clinical research journey, SCRO can provide you with expert support to enable you succeed in your clinical studies.

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