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Wei started her career in clinical research 3 years ago as a Clinical Trial Administrator (CTA). Currently, Wei works as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) at Scandinavian CRO.

Wei Clinical Research Associate small

Wei, CRA at Scandinavian CRO in Uppsala.

What age do you wish you could permanently be?

I am very content with my life right now, I’ve never felt better both physically and mentally. Both of my children are of school age and are becoming more and more independent, while my parents are still healthy and active.

If you had a time machine, what time period would you visit and why?

If I had a time machine, I would travel to the future, a few hundred years from now. I want to know if many of the things in sci-fi movies and books have become a reality, and to find out whether human beings even still exist.

What skill would you like to master?

Paragliding and/or free diving.

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