TransCelerate’s Patient Experience Initiative

Recently, we posted about a pilot project in Sweden to investigate the potential of virtual clinical trials. TransCelerate’s Patient Experience Initiative is also about disrupting the status quo and transforming how clinical development is done to improve drug development in the future.

Although pharma and medical device companies, CROs and regulatory agencies recognize that partnering with patients could benefit clinical development and provide better outcomes for caregivers and patients, there has been a lack of practical tools to engage patients in clinical trial design or measure patients’ experiences during the clinical study.

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In a partnership between patients, study sites and Sponsors/CROs, TransCelerate has developed the innovative P-PET and SPFQ tools to enable drug and medical device manufacturers to make their clinical research more patient-centric.

  • The Patient Protocol Engagement Toolkit (P-PET) engages patients in optimizing the clinical trial design to improve patient experience and decrease patient burden during the study.
  • The Study Participant Feedback Questionnaire (SPFQ) allows Sponsor’s to collect real-time feedback from patients during and after the clinical study.

By utilizing patient input, these tools nuture patient trust and increase patient adherence to the clinical study protocol. Ultimately, designing better clinical trials will result in better future care for patients.

Learn more about TransCelerate’s Patient Experience Initiative.

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