What are Drug Device Combination products?

What are Drug Device Combination products?

Drug device combination products are therapeutics or diagnostics that are a combination of medical devices, drugs and/or biologics. For example, a transdermal patch (medical device) that delivers a specific dose of pain-reducing medication. Because these medical device products also contain a pharmaceutical or biological component, combination products mean having to navigate unique challenges within the vast regulatory landscape of both Pharma and MedTech.

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In a 1-day training targeting Pharma professionals, Läkemedelsakademin offers an introduction to EU regulation for combination products (Introduktion till EUs regelverk för kombinationsprodukter – för dig inom Pharma). This course covers the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and can also be taken by MedTech professionals as a refresher to learn more about the new EU regulation for medical devices.

Learn more about how SCRO can support you in all aspects of clinical investigations for your medical device or combination product.

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