Research nurse

The pearl of the clinic.

Do you want to save time? Use a research nurse!

Research nurses are an invaluable asset when it comes to conducting clinical trials in a clinic or hospital. They should be crowned as the pearls of the clinic! Of course, it is possible to carry out a trial without a research nurse, but it usually helps if the investigator has assistance with coordinating patient attendance, obtaining samples, and all the other logistics related to the study. A research nurse can take on a heavy and important load.

Scandinavian CRO has several research nurses with extensive experience, and all are also trained as Clinical Research Associate. If you hire a research nurse from Scandinavian CRO, you are guaranteed to get a valuable resource with a broad knowledge base who knows what is required by the clinic, the authorities and the sponsor. All the research nurses at Scandinavian CRO have experience in healthcare and also have CDD or research nurse training.

Would you like to relax, secure in the knowledge that a research nurse is running the show?

Don’t hesitate – the nurse is here!

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