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The BD team provides tailored solutions based on your product, type of clinical study, and other specific needs.

Scandinavian CRO

Meet the BD team

Senior Advisor and Business Development Manager

Erik Olaisson

Erik has more than 30 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical and medtech industries including large pharma companies, small venture-funded companies, and virtual organizations. Erik brings to SCRO his extensive strategic and operational experience in product and clinical development within the pharmaceutical and medical device businesses. Erik’s most recent position was at Uppsala BIO (STUNS foundation) working in Business Development (BD) and is currently BD Manager at Scandinavian CRO in Uppsala.

+46 703 661 140

Business Development Manager

Anna Nilsson

Anna has a background as a registered nurse, specializing in emergency care and operating room nursing. She has worked in clinical research for several years, including coordinating quality register studies. Anna also has experience in medtech, and recently, as a Research Coordinator at Uppsala University Hospital. Currently, Anna works as a BD Manager at Scandinavian CRO in Uppsala.

+46 702 577 170

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